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Wood floors

Wood floors and refinishing.

 I am big fan of wood floors.  The older 2 1/4 “ random length tongue and grove flooring is likely the one of the most durable and easy to maintain floors there are.  If there is some damage, you can make repairs with having to replace the entire floor.  Floors can be sanded and new finish applied, sometimes just a touch up sanding and new finish can make the floors look brand new.

 I never recommend you stain a wood floor. If you ever need to make repairs, you will need to sand the ENTIRE floor down and remove the finish and stain to make the new finish look even.  There is no way to patch a small area and match the stain perfectly.  Unstained wood will darken with oil base finishes and will usually darken a little more with time.  New patched areas will sometimes be a little lighter for a while and blend more with time.
I have worked with Don for Don’s Hardwood Floors for years and he has rescued many an older floor and made them look wonderful.  The following photos are examples of his work.

You can also visit Don's Website: http://www.donshardwoodfloors.com/Gallery.php

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