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Home Inspection Client Testimonials


Thank you for such a great and detailed home inspection, our chance to talk with you after the inspection really boosted our confidence in understanding the workings of the house.  The pictures with the kids were great!
Thank you,
Patrick and Mary
Wow, that was fast.  We were not sure we needed a home inspection but we are so glad we did.  We contacted the electrician and fixed the "homeowner improvements" and we feel much safer now.
Thanks again,
Jim and Stacey
Yuba City, CA
My husband is oversees and buying a home without him has been nerve racking.  I am so glad Carla recommended you. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything so completely.  I sent him the report and I was able to "educate" him.  Photos were great, it was the first time he got to see the house.
We are both grateful.
Lucy and Kyle
Marysville, CA
Thanks Jeff,
I was suprised to find out there had been a fire in the attic.  The seller failed to disclose this.  As you suggested, we had an electrician out and he found numerous melted wires.  The Seller has agreed to fix the damage.
Thanks again,
Yuba City, CA

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